Photo Book

Don't call it a comeback

Photo book number 2

This time, it's of the Danes

Beautiful folk, with some nice buildings

Aight back to the zine--

56 pages of heaters

On that good uncoated paperstock of course

Saddle-stitch with a square backing

5.5" x 8.5"

No pressure but this is a hell of a book

Japan Photo Book

Oh, you missed out the first round you say?

Well it's reprinted and the same as ever

44 pages of nonstop fajitas

All from my trip to Japan

Cherry blossoms were booming

Such beauty

But also there's some ugly stuff in here too

Not ugly ugly, jarring is a better word I suppose

Saddle-stitch with a square backing

5.5" x 8.5"

This is what started it all, so they say


Photo Books

Two for the price of two, now we're talking

You may be thinking, where's my discount?!

Haven't you heard of discounting in bulk, Sam?!?

These are fair questions

But I would like to clarify, I have heard of that

I swear I have

But I wanna give some gifts away instead

Maybe it's a print, maybe a tee, maybe my soul

*anticipatory eyes emoji *anticipatoryeyes emoji

This the option if you haven't bought either book

And you want some sum'n special on top